Brow/Lash tint 

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the effect of a perfect eyebrow, a perfect arch, an “eyebrow on fleek”, is better than a fresh haircut!  Both these furry features and long lashes give your face geometric balance and help your eyes have more dramatic or just pop a little more.  Eyebrows frame your face. Depending on shape you can trick the eye, make them seem larger, or more deep set.  Eyebrows can even take years off one’s appearance.  Having polished brows requires more than getting rid of stray hairs every two weeks.  Traditionally, not matching your eyebrows to your hair color was something of a beauty faux past. Nowadays, fashion shows around the world are stocked with flaxen-haired models parading down the runway with bold, expression filled eyebrows.  Taking a few minutes to darken your eyebrows adds time to your often already-rushed beauty routine. The answer?  Wake up with makeup.  Semi-permanent tinting!  Aesthetic Artistry skin clinic Nyc offers several options in budget to give your lashes or brows the look you desire.  Understandably, this solution also translates to another cluster of very important hairs on your face; your eyelashes.  Having long, thick lashes can make a world of difference to your look.  Who wants to put on mascara every day if you don’t have to? And although these similar treatments have hit the mainstream, many beauties have yet to try them.  “Think of it as a glaze for your lashes’.”

During a brow tinting, an aesthetician first applies Vaseline to the skin surrounding the hair. This protects the skin and prevents the dye from bleeding. Then the tint is placed directly onto the brow. The dye “sets” for 10 minutes, and any residue is gently removed with a wet clean cloth. Keep in mind, the tint doesn’t work like a tattoo. The dye only colors the existing hairs. Although a similar process, lash tinting takes just minutes. First Vaseline is applied around the eye along with a protective pad placed under the bottom lashes to protect the skin below. After the tint is applied to the lashes the dye is left to set for seven minutes before the aesthetician applies a second coat. After an additional several minutes, the lash pad is removed and the eye area is wiped until clean and extra dye has been safely removed. Safe and effective, brow and lash tinting is a great alternative to other methods of lash and brow enhancing that could potentially cause damage. Show stopping lashes for half the cost of lash extensions.

Retail Lash and Brow regrowth systems available.

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