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Endless razors, cumbersome shaving routines, or expensive trips to the salon for your wax procedures, every three weeks never “truly” achieving smooth, flawless skin in those areas.  Do you deal with skin irritation, red bumps or maybe in-grown hairs?  Are you getting scarring and dark patches? Isn’t there an easier way to get rid of unsightly body hair that’s causing all this trouble?  Of course, there is!  The only way to treat the problem is to attack hair and eliminate it, painlessly at the root with laser hair reduction.

This permanent in office method of removing unwanted hair is going to change your life. Embark on a fantastic journey to being hair free with skin that is smoother and softer than you have ever experienced. Aesthetic Artistry’s licensed, certified laser technician will be sure to treat the entire area.  Picture never having to worry about wayward hairs along your bikini line and intimate areas ever again.  Forget about having to cover up your legs because you didn’t have time to shave.  You will always be ready for any last minute events or dinner plans with flawless skin. Aesthetic Artistry offers full body laser to both gentleman and ladies. Gentleman, you know that back hair isn’t attractive to the ladies, right? It’s time to remove dark, course unwelcome hairs for good. 

Our process at Aesthetic Artistry NYC is simple and comfortable.  We use GentleLase by Candela, a precise beam of light penetrating the hair follicle, which slows down the growth of the strand.  The skin is cooled and numbed before the laser passes through it. It is considered the #1 noninvasive cosmetic procedure available today.  Candela GentleLase being the most popular used machine for its quick effective results. This type of laser is suitable for all different skin types, even for people with sensitive skin can submit to this gentle treatment.

With just four to eight sessions, the hair will stop growing completely and be banished for good.  Each session lasts about 20 minutes per body area. There is no effect to the epidermal health, so your skin will remain in perfect condition. The GentleLase experience is so amazingly easy that you will be sure to tell your friends about it.  Once you try laser hair removal the only thing you will regret is not having it done sooner, we guarantee you will be pleased with your results.

We carry a full line of advanced home care products, Skinceuticals® and Image Skin Care® to name a few, to help improve and maintain your skins overall health and appearance.

Beauty is loving the skin that you’re in.

Laser Hair Removal

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