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Lash extensions

Say goodbye to mascara forever! No more black smugs around eyes. Mornings are so busy now days, who has time for makeup? How’d you like to shortening your morning routine? Now you can feel confident without makeup as it’s no longer necessary. There’s nothing better than stopping for your coffee or going into gym first thing in the morning looking refreshed and gorgeous. Wakeup with makeup. No more wimpy lashes or mascara (that smudges) with the constant on and off, day and night of mascara compromising the integrity of your lashes. Additionally, rubbing, pulling the delicate skin around the eyes contributing to the aging process.

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”. Audrey Hepburn

The eyes, enchanting and whimsical, are the door way to passion. Lashes bring the face to life! Celebrities like Katie Perry and Kim Kardashian have brought lash extensions from Hollywood to your brilliant eyes. Whether you a want a heart melting blink or to make eyes appear larger and pop, lash extensions look and feel like natural lashes. Making you look fabulously movie star.  

Spas including Dior’s red door have all added lash extensions to their makeup menus making lashes mainstream for a glam look that lasts.  

Here at aesthetic artistry we carry different brand options including silk and mink lashes to highlight your beautiful eyes. Cruelty free options that include a longer, fuller, darker, curlier or thicker lash we carry a full line of lash extensions to choose from.

Typically, 60-75 lashes are applied to each eye textures and types varying according the individual’s desired look.

Here at aesthetic artistry we offer 2 and 3-week fill ins to keep your lashes lush and bold.

We offer lash serums to enhance lash growth that are safe and effective if you prefer to keep it natural.

We carry a full line of advanced home care products, Skinceuticals® and Image Skin Care® to name a few, to help improve and maintain your skins overall health and appearance.

Beauty is loving the skin that you’re in.