Face it, your skin is under assault every day. Pollution, environmental factors, sun exposure, free radical damage as well as the natural aging process. All having a negative effect on the skin causing dullness, dryness, dehydration, age spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone. You want a simple solution to tackle the issues you see in the mirror? Microdermabrasion is the solution to better skin health.  Aesthetic artistry, with the aid of microdermabrasion has helped improve countless clients’ complexions.

The texture of your skin is key to that youthful radiant look we all desire. There is a way to turn back the clock, making a noticeable change in your skin. Regular skin care products and the right regimen can help, but should go a step further in the exploration of better skin, Aesthetic Artistry can help.

For the chemical conscience consumer who dislikes chemical treatments, one of the best methods for skin rejuvenation is through non-chemical microdermabrasion. It’s considered a manual correction that enhances the look of your skin. Unlike microdermabrasion scrubs you purchase in the store, this time tested facial treatment is unbelievably adept at removing all dead skin cells that are tarnishing to your complexion. This manual and technician driven exfoliation uses high powered crystals to polish away dead epidermal cells, exfoliating the top layer and exposing new younger skin.   As a non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to worry about any down time.

You’ll find that closed comedones and bumps under the skin, causing texture indifference are a problem of the past that you won't have to suffer with anymore. Glowing, even skin is the result of a proper microdermabrasion.

Book your microdermabrasion treatments at Aesthetic Artistry every 1-2 months as an addition to a regular facial or as a separate appointment to garnish the most out of this modality. 

We carry a full line of advanced home care products, Skinceuticals® and Image Skin Care® to name a few, to help improve and maintain your skins overall health and appearance.

Beauty is loving the skin that you’re in.

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