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Chemical Peel

Aesthetic Artistry
                CHEMICAL PEEL
                Enter Aesthetic Artistry
                for your 2024 pre-treatment
                professional consultation
                Reveal the true poetry
                of your skin
                Give your face a much-needed vacation.
                You'll be left with a fresh, radiant
                complexion, you deserve it!
                Aesthetic Artistry offers all types of
                chemical correction for
                ALL skin concerns
                2024 TREATMENT TYPES
                Great for sensitive or rosacea skin,
                light peels use alpha-hydroxy acids
                and/or enzymes to penetrate only the
                outer layers for a gentle exfoliation.
                Refreshes dull and flat looking skin
                Reduces the appearance of fine
                lines and wrinkles
                Improves appearance of age spots
                Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
                Helps mild melisma
                Improves discoloration
                Helps alleviate active acne
                Smooths rough skin texture
                Improves hyperpigmentation
                Treats skin growths
                Fades freckles
                Evens skin tones
                Improves actinic keratosis and
                keratosis pilaris
                Treats sun damage
                Treats severely sun damaged skin
                Reduces fine lines under the eyes
                and around the mouth
                Diminishes skin irregularities
                and coarse wrinkles
                Improves hyperpigmentation
                Treats fine lines caused by sun
                damage and aging
                Improves the appearance of
                mild scars
                Reduces pore size
                Can be used to treat acne
                Reduces age spots, freckles, and
                dark patches (melasma) due to
                pregnancy or birth control pills
                Improves the skin texture and
                tone of skin
                Both men and women
                Chemical peels can be done all over the body,
                including chemical peels of the legs and feet, but
                are mostly applied to the face, neck or hands.
                Say goodbye to dull and tired skin.
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                TREATMENT TIME
                30 Minutes
                Glycolic acids, Jessner solutions,
                Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
                and Phenol Peels
                AFTER CARE
                It’s important to use a
                gentle cleanser, moisturizer
                and sunscreen after treatment.