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Derma Needling/PRP

            Are enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, scarring, or stretch marks bothering you? Are acne scars, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles a concern? Needling is an effective, painless, widely-used treatment that delivers results. Whether it's dermal or micro-needling, it's a cost-effective method to achieve smooth, poreless skin that others will envy.
            A minimally invasive treatment called microneedling, commonly referred to as dermal needling or PRP (platelet-rich plasma), induces a wound healing response in the skin. This process stimulates fibroblast cells and creates an ideal environment for the regrowth of collagen and elastin fibers, which reduces skin imperfections and yields visible results almost immediately.
            2024 TREATMENT AREAS
            Needling services, whether microneedling closer to the surface of the skin or dermal needling in deeper layers, can be performed on just about anywhere you have skin.
            Can be done on any area, on all skin types
            Achieve the skin you want now.
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            TREATMENT TIME
            Approx. 1 Hour
            FDA approved proliferation device called the RejuvapenĀ®
            AFTER CARE
            Little to no downtime & Follow all directions given by practitioner