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Intimate Bleaching

Aesthetic Artistry Intimate Bleaching

            Enter Aesthetic Artistry offering your 2024 professional consultation for the most top-notch skin lightening services available. Our licensed practitioners make you feel comfortable before, during and after your services.
            Skin gets dark for different reasons; medications, child birth, weight and aging. Darkened skin in private areas can be embarrassing and can make anyone feel self-conscious. Our intimate skin bleaching services lighten pigment and treat the skin to reveal the clean, sexy skin beneath.
            Target Areas
            With our 2024 state-of-the-art techniques, you can finally say goodbye to your dark skin and hello to brighter, pinker intimate areas.
            ALL areas of the body and ALL skin types.
            Both men and women
            2024 Services
            The Milkmaid
            Treatment that uses a bleaching strip to brighten the skin of your underarms for a beautiful soft look.
            The Pin Curl
            Inner thighs, lightening the skin with our safe, skin bleaching techniques.
            The Gibson
            Inner thigh facial complete with a cleansing and exfoliation.
            The Fingerwave
            Anal bleaching or anal lightening. The skin of the anal area is treated with a safe skin bleaching strip to lighten the entire area.
            The Pixie
            Vaginal bleaching service. Using a bleaching strip, the skin of the vagina is lightened, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
            The Peek-A-Boo
            Vaginal facial that gives the entire area a renewed feel. Pampering yourself with a vaginal facial exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin for a beautiful look and feel.
            Dark pigment is removed or lightened depending on severity.
            Minimize scarring.
            Reduce inflammation.
            Improves texture and tone
            Call or Text Today! 718.608.5433
            Treatment Time
            30 Minutes per area
            We use advanced formulations with and without hydroquinone for lightening, as well as an accelerated skin bleaching system exclusively designed for intimate areas.
            After Care
            Follow directions given to you by your practitioner.
            [Images of before and after treatment on the peach illustration, showing the darkened area before and a lightened area after the treatment.]