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                STRIPLESS HARD WAX
                Enter Aesthetic Artistry for your pre-treatment professional consultation.
                Take advantage of the highest-quality gold cream/gel stripless hard wax in 2024. This wax is extremely effective in removing all types of hair, from vellus peach fuzz and light hairs to dark, thick, coarse hair. Stripless wax offers a quick and affordable solution to remove unwanted hair.
                This high-quality wax is applied at bathwater temperature to ensure it doesn't disrupt the skin's integrity, preventing ingrown hair, excessive inflammation, and pigmentation issues, even in your most intimate areas.
                Feel comfortable with our skilled professionals who guarantee your satisfaction with our gentle waxing method.
                Exfoliates the skin
                Less irritating than shaving or creams
                Less breakage and trauma to hair
                Promotes hair growth that is smoother
                Reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs
                In between waxing, we recommend some fantastic skin products to give you that silky even glow.
                Both men and women
                TREATMENT TIME
                30 Minutes
                We use the highest quality of wax, Cirepil hard wax.
                AFTER CARE
                Be kind to your skin with our recommended mild soaps and high-quality hydrating products.